Common Electrician Services

If you’ve decided to hire an electrician, you’re probably wondering what services he offers. Here’s a rundown of the most common tasks that are performed by electricians. Some of them may be part of larger projects like commercial construction or home remodeling, but they should be clearly defined, and work carried out under the supervision of electrical contractors in Frisco, TX.

electrical contractors in Frisco, TX

Wiring New Construction Homes – When you are building new construction, it’s illegal to try and do the work yourself. That’s because the laws governing electrical systems were written with licensed professional electricians in mind. These individuals have been trained at technical colleges or through apprenticeships and they’re required by law to follow a specific code of practice and ensure the electrical work is performed safely.

Replacing Outlets, Switches, or Dimmers – Without question, replacing outlets and switches is one of the most common projects electricians complete on an everyday basis. Each day thousands of homeowners decide they want to update their homes with new appliances or technology and then call an electrician. To replace the existing outlet or switch, an electrician will need to secure the area around it, remove any outlets that are currently in place, and then install a new piece of electrical equipment.

Adding New Circuits – Another very common project electricians handle is adding new circuits in a home or business building. Whether the space is large, such as a whole new wing of a house, or small, like an office cubicle that has never had any power until today, this job requires some serious knowledge of wiring and code. The electrician will begin by examining the area to make sure it can safely support the new wiring load, including taking into account factors that could cause a fire hazard. After that’s been determined, outlets are installed along with boxes for switches and fixtures.

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