Types of Patio Enclosures

Patio enclosures are useful, decorative structures to enhance patios and provide protection from rain and wind. There are several different types of patio enclosures in Utica, MI available, including cantilevered patios, fixed slatted-wall systems, retractable enclosures that use an electric motor to open or close the patio cover automatically, and manually operable awning-style systems. Patio enclosures can be made from timber, aluminum, fiberglass and acrylics among others. They are designed to complement a combination of both modern and intricate architectural designs.

Cantilevered Patios – Cantilevered Patio Enclosures have cantilever panels running from the roof line to the deck below. Typically, these are fixed to the wall with some sitting over the deck and some sitting on top of it. The main advantage of a cantilevered enclosure is that it adds protection for furniture and other items from the elements, without taking away from the open feel of an outdoor space.

Breezeway – A breezeway is a patio cover with side panels that are usually open, allowing for air to circulate. Breezeways are made from a variety of materials including timber, glass and aluminum among others.

Fixed Slatted-Wall Systems – Fixed slatted wall systems involve patio covers that have walls with horizontal bars that run the length of the enclosure. The advantage here is that these sorts of structures can be built to accommodate tight spaces or odd angles. These types of patio enclosures are useful especially in the case where it is not possible for one to build a permanent structure over their decking.

patio enclosures in Utica, MI

See what is out there and choose something that is right for you and your purposes. When all is said and done, you can find a great patio enclosure and enjoy this part of your home all year long, no matter what the weather conditions may be.

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